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Tytuł oryginalny: Zumba Fitness Exhilarate 
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Kraj: United States
Loose the Pounds, Feel the Rush

The ultimate Zumba® DVD experience

Zumba® Exhilarate™ Body Shaping System includes seven unique DVD’s filled with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and exhilarating workouts with varying levels of intensity.

Revolutionary at home fitness experience, combining raw energy with cutting edge design, lights and sounds to take you on an unforgettable, exhilarating workout to a healthy and happy lifestyle

100% Guaranteed Original Product - As seen on High Street TV

Key Benefits and Features
  • Fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy dance moves to create a dynamic fitness program
  • Step by Step – A basic guide to break down the steps
  • Ripped –Body sculpting featuring Zumba® Toning and Sentao® programmes
  • Activate – A 45 minute easy to follow class to get you started
  • Rush – A quick 20 minute workout to amp you up!
  • Exhilarate – The original full-length fitness part experience
  • Get toned with the free bonus Toning Sticks

The Zumba® Exhilarate™ Pack Includes:

  • 7 action packed workout DVD’s
  • x2 1lb maraca style toning sticks in neon yellow
  • Exhilarate™ program guide with tips and techniques
  • Weekly workout planner
  • 10 day weight loss program


To give you more of an idea of what you are getting...the basics part runs for 60 minutes and gives you a step by step (3 parts per move) breakdown of all the main zumba steps you will come across. The is definetely recommended before you start! I have good co-ordination but there are some moves in there that are quite tricky to master, you do the first part and the second and by the time it comes to the third it is sometimes difficult to co-ordinate that fast with the music, but persistence pays off so it is worth sticking with it. The 20 minute express is a full workout to the Zumba music and is ideally suited if you are short on time as it gives a full body workout (in 20 minutes) with each of the different types of Zumba steps, including reggae and samba (for example). 

The cardio party runs for 50 minutes and is a longer workout that is aimed at burning maximum calories. It also includes a rhythm refresher feature, which allows you to review each Zumba rhythm (as there are quite a few). Sculpt and tone runs for 45 minutes and does what it says on the tin really. This is the workout that requires the toning sticks (if you wish), and is designed to be a fun workout to help target different areas to sculpt and tone. The toning sticks shake like maracas and are not heavy at all, I think this is intentional as you are doing quite a high energy dance routine (would be no good having heavy things to lug around with you!) I know some people have criticised the need for them, but I personally think they are fine. 

The Zumba LIVE! runs for 55 minutes and is a workout that is shot in front of a live audience (think of these big American things where they go crazy) and gives you a different atmosphere to a workout, can be slightly annoying with the Zumba creator Beto (he gets on my nerves in certain DVD's), but is quite fun to do with other people. The Flat Abs part runs for 20 minutes and has been created to help flatten your abs with a different routine that still gets the heart rate up. You also get a total body transformation guide, which includes a background to the Zumba programme and reasons why it is popular etc, training tips, total body stretch guide - 5 steps (something that is recommended to incorporate into your workout), there are then recommendations as to the best Zumba workouts to do and on what day to fit your needs whether it be to tone up or to lose a dress size. Next is a selection of recipes and food ideas to use in combination with your workout for most effective weight loss, top tips from the Zumba trainers and a profile of each of them and finally the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) chart. This chart is designed so you can assess how hard your body is working and responding to each workout and helps you decide whether it is time to slow down or pick up the pace.
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