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Łatwy zwrot towaru

Kupuj i sprawdź spokojnie w domu. W ciągu 14 dni możesz zwrócić ten towar bez podania przyczyny.
Pokaż szczegóły
14 dni na zwrot
Najważniejsza jest Twoja satysfakcja z zakupów. Zamówione u nas produkty możesz zwrócić w ciągu 14 dni bez podania przyczyny.
Bez stresu i obaw
Dzięki integracji naszego sklepu z tanimi zwrotami Poczty Polskiej kupujesz bez stresu i obaw, że zwrot zakupionego towaru będzie problematyczne.
Darmowy zwrot
Przy wyborze zwrotu środków na saldo klienta, darmowa przesyłka do sklepu.
Tytuł oryginalny: The Hour
Tytuł polski:
Rok produkcji: 2011-12
Kraj: United Kingdom
Reżyseria: Abi Morgan
Obsada: Romola Garai, Dominic West, Ben Whishaw

A six part series that was billed, in the run up to its transmission, as Britain having a go at doing its own spin on Mad Men, The Hour is actually a show with an identity of its own, and quite different from the hit American drama. It certainly has some similarities, but as it turns out, tonally it's really quite different. The Hour 's main attraction, as it turns out, is its cast. Putting The Wire star Dominic West at the heart of the drama proves to be a masterstroke, and he's ably supported by a high calibre company of acting talent, including Juliet Stevenson, Anna Chancellor and Ben Whishaw. It's West who drives the drama forward, though, with a trademark skilled central performance. It helps that he's at the heart of much that happens with the show, too. What drew the initial Mad Men comparisons was the setting for The Hour. This is a show surrounding a BBC news programme being made in 1956, which happens to be the time of the Suez Crisis. Behind the scenes of the show, there's sexual politics, ambitions, and pressures from all directions. And that, mixed with a strong attention to period detail, helps make The Hour an engaging drama. It has a few problems, starting a little too slowly for many peoples' tastes. Certainly, its first episode isn't its best by any measure. But it's very much worth sticking with The Hour. It's ambitious, high class drama. And while it's a fair distance from Mad Men, it's still television that's certainly not to be sniffed at. -- Jon Foster

Bringing together Series One and Two of the Golden Globe nominated ‘The Hour’. Written by ABI MORGAN, screen writer of the Oscar winning The Iron Lady the breathtaking original and sexy thriller is not to be missed. Series One: London, 1956. At Lime Grove Studios, the BBC are launching ‘The Hour’ a new topical news programme. At the heart of the show are three contrasting journalists: enigmatic producer Bel Rowley, a spirited woman in a man’s world, her best friend Freddie Lyon, a brilliant and passionate reporter, and a charming, well-connected front man, Hector Madden. As Freddie moves to cover a significant but controversial breaking story, the trio become entangled in an intense interplay of politics, ambition and romance, ignited by a mysterious murder and chilling conspiracy. Fifties London is brought to life in this tense drama, delivering an exquisite and stylish portrayal of a world on the threshold of momentous change. Series Two: Rejoining The Hour a year on in 1957, the team are still striving to broadcast the stories they believe in as they grapple with the disturbing threat of the Cold War and a country in the grip of unsettling and rapid change. Bel Rowley (Romola Garai) is still single and determined not to get involved with another married, but finds herself taking on her adversary Bill Kendall (Tom Burke), a producer whose magnetic charm she can't help but find irresistible. Hector Madden (Dominic West) has risen to the status of a national celebrity and is drawn into the seductive glamour of Soho nightclub El Paradis and falls under the spell of the beautiful and seductive Kiki (Hannah Tointon), a club hostess. No longer happy at The Hour under Randall's (Peter Capaldi) new regime, he is tempted by offers fro ITV, but when a night at the club goes badly wrong, scandal threatens and Hector must try and stop a news story that could destroy his marriage and his career. Investigative reporter Freddie Lyon (Ben Whitshaw) makes an unexpected return from America to uncover and tackle police corruption within the world Soho crime and vice.

Obraz: 1.85
Czas trwania: 6854 min
Dźwięk: English PCM 2-Channel Stereo
Napisy: brak polskich, English
Polska wersja językowa: brak
Dodatki:  Making Of
Region: Region B/2 (Polska, Europa)
Ilość dysków: 4
Parametry techniczne:
Polska wersja:
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Nowe, zafoliowane - Gwarancja udzielana przez producenta na okres 3 miesięcy.

Produkt nowy, fabrycznie zafoliowany.
Pełna gwarancja poprawnego działania.
Możliwa reklamacja towaru wadliwego lub zwrot towaru nieużywanego w ciągu 14 dni na warunkach określonych w regulaminie.

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